Each year during the final weeks of Parkland High School's AP Music Theory course, students design a major collaborative project that reflects the depth and scope of the course's content. This year, the 2017 class chose to create a 9 movement, multimedia presentation exploring the Nine Circles of Hell in Dante's INFERNO. Special thanks to PHS English/Drama teacher, Mrs. Beth Smith, for coming to share with the class her insights on Dante's detailed description of hell. Her responses to the students' works-in-progress informed valuable further revisions!

Class Planning (Google) Doc

Dante's Inferno: The Nine Circles of Hell (video) - Click to watch the 21 minute video, with original music, created by the class!

Exhibition - Class Premiere with Guests, Thursday, June 1, 2nd Period:
2017 AP Final Proj 2.JPG

PROJECT LOG (record tasks as you do them in completion of this project):