We're fortunate to have the facilities/equipment we have in our lab. Treat it with respect and care and it will serve you and others for years to come. Please note these important guidelines for working in the lab:

a. No Food, Drinks, Gum ANYWHERE NEAR the workstations!

b. Cables, etc. are Configured For General Purposes; Don’t Take It Upon Yourself to Change Them.

c. You will be logging into your HOME DIRECTORY each class period. You may save files to that desktop; but I recommend you use a portable USB flash drive to backup important (project) files. ALSO, don't work on files from your home directory. ALWAYS copy them to your desktop to use, then BACKUP to your home directory.

d. During Class Instruction, Stay On Task and with Instructor (not surfing the web, checking email, etc.).

e. Leave Your Workstation Neat and Orderly! Take your papers, books, etc. with you.