GarageBand DRUMMER Activity

Here's a great video tutorial from on using GarageBand's DRUMMER (virtual drummer, auto-drummer, etc.) feature.

Download one of the pop tunes from my Dropbox folder (link below).


(CLICK on the song you want, THEN Download)
  1. Drag-and-drop the MIDI file into a GarageBand doc.

  2. Play the file in GarageBand and - if there are any drum tracks in the MIDI file - REMOVE THEM!

  3. Set up a DRUMMER to accompany the tune.

  4. Adjust the settings of the drummer for a section of the song, then set up a second DRUMMER REGION that uses different (but still musically appropriate) settings.

  5. IF EXTRA TIME: Change Software Instruments to ones you like better!

  6. Share your version of the song with the class!

YOUR GRADE [20 points possible]:
5 pts: Successful import of MIDI File (includes lining it up to measure 1 of track window).
3 pts: Removing existing drum tracks.
12 pts: Adding DRUMMER track with TWO (2) separate Regions, each with different Drummer Settings (X-Y Axis complexity/volume, instruments used, fills).