Loop Doodling

I used different percussion instruments, modulations, and layers to build suspense throughout this piece, returning at the end to a catchy electric piano loop.

Finding Dorian (Rough Draft)

This piece for piano is written in the key of A dorian, which means that it is in a minor key with a raised 6th, which in A is an F#.



This is an exercise in editing a track that was recorded on a snowball mic.

Radio Commercial Project

I used the "Data Nation" prompt to create a commercial with loops, sound effects, and an interesting hook.

Typeset "Aura Lee"

Our class used the notation program Noteflight to typeset the folk song "Aura Lee."


Typeset "Magic Valley"

Using Noteflight, our class typeset one of Dr. Watson's compositions, "Magic Valley."


Pedal Point of the Caribbean

This assignment focused on the use of pedal point, which I used to construct a short piano piece.


Typeset "The Man I Love"

We typeset and produced a song from a fakebook in class; here is a link to the score.


Pedal Point Performance

I recorded myself playing my piece "Pedal Point of the Caribbean" on a keyboard.

"The Man I Love"

After typesetting this melody by Gershwin, I produced this song in Garageband using a blend of bass, rhythm, keyboard, guitar, and wind instruments.

"Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme"

This is an arrangement of a folk song.


Enigma Variation