Welcome to the WIKI for Parkland High School's MUSIC THEORY 2 Course!

Any questions/concerns, please contact Dr. Scott Watson (watsons@parklandsd.org).

Music Theory 2 HARMONY UNITS

Fundamentals Review

Chapter 4: Cadences, Tonic & Dominant

Chapter 5: Part-writing Tonic & Dominant Triads

Chapter 6: The Subdominant Triad

Chapter 9: Triads in Inversion

Chapter 10B: Leading Tone & Supertonic (Diminished) Triads

Chapter 14: Submediant & Mediant Triads

Music Theory 2 SOLFEGE

Melodic Dictation Practice (Teoria.com)

MusicTheory.net (tutorials, drills)

Manuscript Paper (download & print)

Noteflight (music notation web app)