Parkland High School
Dr. Scott Watson, Instructor

Course Description and Detailed Syllabus (downloadable, Google Doc version of this page)

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, January 17, 2017 - PHS Short Film Festival, "The Art of Collaboration"

  • SUBMITTING WORK FOR CREDIT: Submit all work for this class via Google Drive “sharing.” Upload the assignment into your Google Drive, click the “Share” icon (external image PxED5y10RlutSe6Gq-9PE-fr-fF5K4mSMciqkoXERHMcQ8UB7D4sCzyJo1yPYR4EomK-k0_554vhmJNbn8vRaUvFdW_pgKpvuf6fl3jooCD52mJaqAIA8uHF8Ztm0pLGvfe8S80r) and share with
  • If you have any questions, ask [[mailto:|Dr. Watson]] for clarification.
  • Your assignments are not complete until they have been turned inas directed. Be sure you understand how!
  • MUSIC PRODUCTION RESOURCE LINKS: Apps, websites, utilities, etc.
  • GARAGEBAND TUTORIAL VIDS: Dr. Watson efficiently explains most features of the program. If you want to work ahead you are welcome to view videos on features you’ll need to do so. If you are absent, or something is not clear to you, the videos can help you up get up-to-speed!
  • GARAGEBAND KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Want to work faster? Take a look at these program time savers!

A. Introduction
  1. What is a music producer?
  2. Lab Rules and Procedures
  3. Notebook and “Permission to Post” Form
  4. GarageBand Overview and User Interface
B. Getting a Signal Into the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  1. Importing Audio and Basic Editing
  2. USB Microphone, Sound Check activity
  3. “My Favorite Things” podcast project
  4. Using an Audio Interface (for XLR Microphones and Guitars)
  5. Creating a Beat with Found and Body Percussion Sounds

C. Software Instruments and MIDI Recording 1
  1. “My Favorite Sounds” activity - HERE are YOUR Favorite Sounds
  2. Basic MIDI Recording Overview

D. Working with Loops
  1. Groove, Loops and Form (A or A-B-A Form, Intro to Layering)
  2. GarageBand’s Drummer (Creating a drum parts for an iconic pop tune)

E. Software Instruments and MIDI Recording 2
  1. Real-time MIDI (Software Instrument) Recording
  1. MIDI Drum Loop project

F. Arranging Project Using a DAW
  1. “New Clothes for An Old Tune” (MIDI file arrangement) project

G. Sound Effects (SFX) Supporting Drama
  1. Introduction to Foley Sound and Produced SFX
  2. “Batman” Audio Book project

H. Review Mic Recording and Loops
  1. Radio Commercial Project

I. Film Scoring
  1. Introduction to How Music and Sound Are Used in Film
  1. Creating Appropriate Music for a Film
  2. Film Scoring project (“Capstone” project for semester)

J. Working with Music Notation Software
  1. Using a Lead Sheet in Music Production
  2. Three (progressively more expressive) Lead Sheet Activities (using
  3. Produce Your Lead Sheet #3 Using a DAW