Parkland: A Season For Giving (2012)
HEADLINE: Parkland HS Holiday CD raises $1,300 for the American Red Cross / Hurricane Sandy Relief!

Alisa Sutton - CD Cover.jpg
Album artwork, by Alisa Sutton

About The CD
"Parkland: A Season For Giving (2012)" is a fun and creative winter holiday CD produced by some of Parkland High School's music students, along with some others. The primary goals of this year's production are to spread the joyful spirit of the holidays while raising money for the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. We appreciate your support and we encourage you to check it out! Happy holidays!

Sneak Peek Visit, where you will be able to listen to a clip of each track on the CD, and you can also find more information on the producers and performers involved in the making of this CD.

The CD will be available for purchase at the following times/locations:
- Every Coffeehouse event at PHS, 12/5 through the week of 12/16- All lunches at PHS, 12/5 through the week of 12/16- 12/3, 7pm, PHS, Springhouse Chorus Winter Concert- 12/4, 7pm, PHS, Orefield Chorus Winter Concert- 12/5, Launch, at Coffeehouse- 12/6, 7pm, PHS, Orchestra Winter Concert- 12/7, 7pm, PHS, Springhouse Band Winter Concert- 12/9, 7pm, Neffs Church, Chorale Winter Concert- 12/10, 7pm, PHS, Orefield Band Winter Concert- 12/13, 7pm, PHS, Band/9th & 10th Grade Chorus Concert- 12/14, 7:30-8:30, YoFresh- 12/19, 7pm, PHS, Orchestra/11th & 12th Grade Chorus/Chorale Winter Concert

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Just For Fun
Check out this music video for the track off the CD, "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", created by Parkland music students Josh Fridinger, Will Wilkinson (a.k.a. Big Bill), and others.

Parkland District Employees: Order Here!
Download this PDF order form and send via interschool mail to Dr. Scott Watson at PHS. We'll ship your CD (or CDs) out right away and you'll have the perfect, uniquely "Parkland" holiday gift in a day or two! But ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Parkland Holiday E-Card (featuring music from the CD)

Student Producer, Oksana W., hands off a check for $1,300 to Megan Pildis of the American Red Cross as other class members look on. Way to go Music Production class!